kyiv denounces that Russia has created “the world’s largest minefield” in eastern Ukraine

kyiv denounces that Russia has created "the world's largest minefield" in eastern Ukraine

8 Jan. () –

The Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denis Shmihal, has denounced that Russia is responsible for the creation of the “largest minefield in the world” after mining 250,000 square kilometers of territory in the east of the country.

“Right now it is the largest minefield in the world. Not only does it make it difficult for people to move, but it has also caused difficulties for agriculture, which is one of our most important industries,” Shmihal said in an interview with the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

These 250,000 square kilometers exceed the extension of the Korean peninsula, Laos, Romania or the United Kingdom. They are also an indiscriminate weapon that can affect civilians.

“Russia is attacking the infrastructure of the most populated areas,” Shmihal explained. Specifically, she has pointed out that 70 percent of the damage has occurred in residential areas. Industrial centers such as chemical plants or steel mills have also been attacked, as well as infrastructures that facilitate travel.

About 50 percent of the country’s power grid is down as a result of 11 waves of aerial bombardments and 14 waves of drone strikes, according to Shmihal.

“There is not a single power plant that has not been attacked by Russian missiles or drones. Russia wants to remove the entire power grid in Ukraine and force our people to flee with psychological pressure,” he denounced.

In total, Shmihal estimates that the losses caused by the war in 2023 could reach 700,000 million dollars. “Despite the war, the Ukrainian economy continues to function. The government pays all salaries and pensions without delay. There are development programs for SMEs,” she stressed.

Regarding the possible prolongation of the war, Shmihal has stressed the importance of maintaining sanctions on Russia and aid to Ukraine. “We are doing everything we can to end the war quickly. To do this, the international community must strictly uphold and strengthen sanctions against Russia,” she said.

Especially important are the sanctions against gas and oil, the embargo on arms and components or the withdrawal of all multinational companies from Russia.

“Sanctions are important for victory, but in the end it has to be done with the support of weapons,” argued Shmihal, who has thus demanded a constant supply of advanced weapons.

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