Jeremy Renner’s doctor says the snowplow missed a vital organ and major nerve by millimeters

() — One of the doctors treating Jeremy Renner after his snowplow incident says the actor has come a long way incredibly quickly.

Dr. Christopher Vincent, a sports physician and chiropractor, spoke with ‘s Alisyn Camerota on Friday night from Winter Park, Colorado, about the rehabilitation process for Renner, an Oscar-nominated star of the Marvel films “Avengers” and ” The Hurt Locker”.

Vincent says the snowplow came within millimeters of hitting a vital organ or major nerve.

“As unfortunate as he was to have suffered such a tragic injury, he is very lucky that the injuries are where they are,” Vincent said.

Renner was swept away by a snowplow on New Year’s Day and broke several bones, including eight ribs, his eye socket, a knee, and a shoulder.

Renner posted a video in 2019 of him clearing snow to his Instagram account. (Jeremy Renner/Instagram)

“He’s getting through it and he really has the determination to not only heal, but to come back stronger and better than he was before,” Vincent said.

Renner will likely have to do some form of rehab for the rest of his life, but Vincent said he has a drive to overcome pain and injury.

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