Japanese moms are using Pikmin 4 to control their children

Pikmin can help in real life

We receive interesting news related to Pikmin 4since it has just been revealed that the delivery for Nintendo Switch is helping Japanese parents, who use the logic of the game to keep their little ones under control.

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As you surely know, Pikmin 4 It was launched on July 21 exclusively for the hybrid console, so at this moment it is giving a lot to talk about all over the world.

Pikmin can help in real life

Because of this, it was revealed that some mothers in Japan help themselves with the mechanics of the franchise to make every moment easier with their children and get them to follow the rules:

“My 4-year-old son always tries to stray when we go shopping, so I told him: you are a Pikmin, and mommy is the one that Pikmin follow. It worked great. He follows my steps perfectly as he makes noises like a Pikmin. Thanks Nintendo, this is going to work for a while,” says a Japanese mother.

As you could read, it seems that there are some cases in which mothers do not know how to deal with their children or make them obey any instructions, so the fourth installment of Pikmin is helping them and they have shown their gratitude to Nintendo on social networks.

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It is worth mentioning that taking care of the little ones can be quite a challenge, so if it is necessary to invite them to act as a Pikmin to reduce the daily chaos, we are sure that it is completely worth it.

We will have to wait to find out if situations of this type occur in our territory, which will depend on the success it achieves Pikmin 4 on Nintendo Switch.

What do you think of this method used by the Japanese mother? Tell us in the comments.

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