Japan accelerates plans to lift arms export ban and expand support for Ukraine

Japan accelerates plans to lift arms export ban and expand support for Ukraine

July 25 (EUROPA PRESS) –

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is urging his fellow Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) party as well as his government partner Komeito to hurry to lift the ban on arms exports in order to broaden their support for Ukraine and his own defense industry.

The objective is to resume the working group in which both formations operate as soon as possible to carry out new measures with which to allow the export of arms to Ukraine for the second half of August and not in the autumn as originally planned, according to the Japanese news agency Kiodo.

The chief of staff, Hirokazu Matsuno, has explained that the government coalition is working to generate not only a security climate for Japan, but also to establish new rules that allow it to help third-party allies in the event of being invaded militarily.

However, although the PLD is in favor of relaxing the regulations, its partner, Komeito, has been very reluctant since it could not only worsen the world’s armed conflicts, but also put at risk the pacifism adopted by Japan after the Second World War.

At the beginning of the month, this working group already presented a proposal with which Japan could export vehicles equipped with lethal weapons for defense purposes to countries with which they share security agreements. This is the review of the three principles that govern the Constitution when offering military support.

So far, Japan has provided Ukraine with financial aid and non-lethal military equipment such as bulletproof vests and helmets, unlike the weapons deployment of its Western partners, which have spared no expense in supplying missiles, anti-aircraft defenses, tanks and fighter jets.

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