“It's the only way”: Musk's measure for X that users will not like

"It's the only way": Musk's measure for X that users will not like


Apr 16, 2024 01:49 GMT

He assured that only in this way can we combat the 'bots'.


“Unfortunately, a small fee for write access of new users It is the only way to stop the relentless attack of the 'bots'”, wrote the tycoon in response to a publication in which it was reported – although without confirmation – that X would establish a charge for new users.

According to Musk, the measure is necessary because both “current artificial intelligence” and “troll farms” can easily overcome the question: “Are you a robot?”

He considered that “the avalanche of fake accounts also consumes available namespaceso a lot of good identifiers are taken as a result.”

Despite his expressions in favor of charging for the use of the application for new users, He did not specify when or how it would begin to be launched. measure.

In the original message it was recalled that the collection policy was implement experimentally in the Philippines and New Zealand and was intended to “help reduce spam and improve the overall user experience.”

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