Israel Police Open Investigation Against Officer For Throwing Flashbangs At Protesters

Israel Police Open Investigation Against Officer For Throwing Flashbangs At Protesters

March 2 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Internal Investigations Department of the Israel Police has opened an investigation on Thursday against an agent for throwing stun grenades at a crowd of protesters in the framework of the anti-government protests that took place on Wednesday in the country against the reform of the judicial system.

The authorities have indicated that they are currently collecting information and images of the incident to discern whether the police officer has indeed violated the procedures established for this type of case.

The investigation responds to a complaint filed against the superintendent, who appears in a video throwing a grenade at a group of protesters, according to information from Kan, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation.

After learning of the opening of this investigation, the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, has expressed his “full support for the agent who dispersed the mob of anarchists with a stun grenade” and has stressed that at least “he did not sit still in a room comfortably, like the staff of the Department of Internal Investigations do”.

Thus, he has suggested that there is a “political motive” behind the investigation but has not offered any type of proof in this regard despite the fact that more than a dozen people were injured in the framework of the last day of demonstrations that began some time ago. two months.

The officers used water cannons and flash grenades in an attempt to disperse the crowd, who also blocked a major thoroughfare in Tel Aviv to protest against the government’s reform of the judicial system, a move that would equip Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government , of total control over the appointment of judges, which would weaken the separation of powers.

At least 50 people have been detained across the country during the protests, which have been joined by thousands of others. The chief of the Israeli Police, Kobi Shabtai, has indicated in a statement that several officers were injured in clashes with protesters.

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