Israel and the Palestinian Authority agree on a plan to reactivate all their cooperation pacts

Israel and the Palestinian Authority agree on a plan to reactivate all their cooperation pacts

26 Feb. (EUROPA PRESS) –

Israel and the Palestinian Authority have agreed on Sunday a plan to study the reactivation of their previous cooperation agreements while refraining from adopting, during the next three to six months, unilateral measures that could aggravate tension in the region.

This rapprochement has been the main result of the five-person security summit held this Sunday in the Jordanian city of Aqaba, in which intelligence officials from Israel, the Palestinian Authority, the United States, Egypt and Jordan have participated, topped off by the presence of the Hashemite kingdom’s monarch and host, Abdullah II.

Among these pacts would be the security agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, broken for the last time almost a month ago, in retaliation by the Palestinian government for the death of nine people in an Israeli incursion in Jenin, north of the West Bank.

“After comprehensive talks, the participants have announced that the Israeli and Palestinian parties have confirmed their commitment to all previous agreements between them and to work for a just and lasting peace,” according to the final statement of the meeting, collected by the agency. Jordanian news officer, Petra.

In exchange for security guarantees for the Israeli population, the Palestinian Authority has obtained a promise from Israel that it will not discuss the establishment of new settlement units for a period of four months, and will suspend the construction of new houses for the next six.

Right now the Israeli settlement planning committee is under a three-month deliberation period in relation to future decisions on settlements in occupied territory and a final decision in this regard would be at the expense of the evolution of these talks, as explained last week. past Israeli diplomatic sources regarding these talks.

For the rest, the parties have agreed to a subsequent meeting in the spa city of Sharm el Sheikh, in Egypt, in less than a month, to assess the progress made before the start of Ramadan, according to the statement.

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