Is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth coming to PS4 or will it be exclusive to PlayStation 5?

Is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth coming to PS4 or will it be exclusive to PlayStation 5?

Summer Game Fest 2023 closed with an impressive preview of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth that left many with their mouths open. Since this project was revealed, it was announced that it would be exclusive to PlayStation 5, but new information confused some and made them think that it will also come to PlayStation 4, but will it be so?

Let’s go in parts, why do some people think that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Will it come to PlayStation 4? It’s all because the PS4 logo appears next to the PS4 logo on the page dedicated to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on the official site of final fantasy 7.

Therefore, it is possible that many believe that Square Enix is ​​confirming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for PlayStation 4, but the reality is different. Both in the advance and in the JRPG statement, only PlayStation 5 is mentioned as the platform on which it will be available.

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To this we must add that since last year the development team made it clear that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth it will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 to take advantage of the capabilities of the new hardware and exploit them. So you shouldn’t expect to see it on PlayStation 4.

“It is exclusive to PlayStation 5 due to the graphic quality, of course, as well as the speed of access to the SSD. Since the adventure takes place in a vast world after the escape from Midgar, loading stress is an extreme bottleneck. We felt that we needed the specifications of PlayStation 5 to overcome that and comfortably travel the world, ”explained Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

So why the hell did the PlayStation 4 logo appear on a site? We have 2 theories. The first is that it was a mistake. The other is that it is referencing that Final Fantasy VII Remake It is available for PlayStation 4.

And you, did you expect to see Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on PlayStation 4? Tell us in the comments.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth It will arrive at the beginning of 2024 on PlayStation 5. You can learn more about it if you click here. Follow this link to see all our coverage of Summer Game Fest 2023.

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