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IPS Group, between security officers and protection technologies

IPS Group, between security officers and protection technologies

One of the changes caused by the pandemic occurred in the generation of jobs in new sectors, which, together with phenomena such as nearshoring, has generated a significant shortage of operating personnel in all industries.

This problem is particularly emphasized in the security sector. IPS is the only GPTW certified company in Latin America and has managed to overcome this challenge by breaking with preconceived ideas in this industry. In the new reality, it has managed to face the lack of personnel thanks to innovative technologies, maintaining and even multiplying the efficiency that has characterized it.

IPS works in partnership with the TI Latina group, a firm that for 10 years has focused on solving problems through the integration of technological solutions such as artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, among others.

By having a first-rate technological ally, IPS has been able to automate physical security processes, such as monitoring and surveillance of sites. To do this, it has implemented technologies to replace watchmen or night guards.

Today, IPS, working together with TI Latina, has demonstrated its efficiency in preventing crimes such as the theft of goods in transport. It has even shown that it is possible to raise security levels, being one of the most important brands in the sector, serving important clients in industries such as finance, automotive and food, among others.

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