iPhones have room to be much more expensive. The 16 Ultra will be proof of this

After 5 years without raising their prices, the iPhone 14 is more expensive than ever

If almost 1,500 euros could begin to be drawn as the ceiling of the base iPhone, the latest statements from gurman they come to put it in between said. During the end of 2022 and this start of 2023, the introduction of a new “Ultra” model in the Apple catalog has been sounding quite strongly. The latest data suggests that it will not be simply a replacement for the Pro Max model. It will be the beginning of a new line of iPhoneeven more expensive.

It is not a replacement, it is the true premium iPhone

Tim Cook is clear. According to Apple data, consumers are willing to waste more money if with it they get the best possible iPhone. Gurman recounts that, when asked if the average sales price of iPhones is sustainable, Cook fearlessly stated that “the price increase is not a problem” and that, in fact, it would be possible to persuade consumers to spend even more. “I think people are willing to stretch themselves to get the best they can afford in that category.”

Linked to these statements, we have data from Apple working internally to discuss the possibility of adding an even higher-end iPhone to its family of phones. The first jump will come this year, with an iPhone 15 Pro Max in which a periscopic zoom is expected. Apple had already made certain distinctions between Pro and Pro Max in the past, such as the size of the sensor, but this 2023 everything indicates that the differences will be even greater.

Despite the fact that this improved 15 Pro Max is ringing under the rumors of “Ultra”, the new information indicates that it will not be until 2024 when we meet the new model. The reason? The iPhone Ultra would not come to replace the iPhone Pro Max, but to live with it. Thus, in 2024 we would have iPhone 16 Pro, 16 Pro Max and 16 Pro Ultra. This Ultra would be above the Pro, improving materials, processor and finishes to the Pro models.

A complex movement, since would turn the iPhone Pro into second-hand modelsserving as the perfect excuse to further raise the average price of premium iPhones by bringing the best hardware to the Ultra models and leaving the Pro halfway.

With nothing confirmed, for the moment, everything indicates that under the surname Ultra or No, 2023 will be the year in which Apple begins to distinguish the largest model as the most premium model.

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