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Inflation hits its lowest level in two years

Inflation hits its lowest level in two years

The underlying inflation index had a biweekly rise of 0.24% and an annual increase of 6.76%

Within the underlying index, the prices of merchandise rose 0.18% and those of services 0.32%, at a biweekly rate.

The non-core price index rose 0.44% fortnightly and fell 0.97% at the annual rate. Within this index, the prices of agricultural products rose 1.13% and those of energy and tariffs authorized by the government fell 0.17%.

Products that went up and down the most in price

The Inegi also revealed the products with the greatest incidence in the increase or reduction of inflation in the first half of June.


Avocado, with a fortnightly increase of 18.51%

Air transport, 15.89%

Onion, 16.10%

Packaged tourist services, 7.47%

Orange, 8.74%

And, to the bottom:

Domestic LP gas, fell 2.80%

Egg, -3.22%

Tomato, -3.0%

Grape, -17.77%

Potato and other tubers, -2.26%

School supplies, -0.96%

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