In Indonesia classes start at 5:30 in the morning "so that they learn discipline"parents and doctors despair

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Students twelfth grade ten institutes from the city of Kupangin Indonesia, Classes start at 5:30 in the morningso that they learn discipline“. Everyone complains, but the governor does not relent.

A decree of the local governor Viktor Laiskodat forces hundreds of students of 16 years start classes at 5:30 in the morning. Most of them live far from the institute, so they have to get up at 4 in the morning and walk miles in the middle of the nightor driving a motorcycle half asleep.

The measure, which was put into practice on February 27, also extends to all education officialsas explained by the local media Kompas. The students themselves, parents, doctors, and education experts see the new schedule as incomprehensible.

A danger and a disorder for all

It is extremely difficult, now they have to leave the house in the dark. I can’t accept it…your safety is not guaranteed when it’s dark and quiet“, a mother of a student complains to AFP.

Now every time she comes home, she’s exhausted and falls asleep right away.“, keep going.

Despite complaints, Governor Viktor Laiskodat thinks go ahead with the measure. According to the media The Sydney Mourning Heraldvia IFL Sciencehas said that “It is a measure to forge character and learn discipline.“.

He even put a schedule to the students:”They may go to bed at 10 p.m. and wake up at 4 a.m. Six hours of sleep is enough. Bathing for 30 minutes, commuting to school for 30 minutes, because nowhere is far in this city. So they can be at school at 5 in the morning“.

But the doctors have put their hands to their heads. 6 hours of sleep to the 16 years are very few hours offwhen numerous studies certify that, at these ages, in full growth and with the effort of the studies, they have to sleep 8 or 9 hours.

Plus this schedule change turn the whole world upside down. Parents have to get up early and do not rest properly. The buses have had to change their schedule, and there are more police on the streets to protect the minors who sleepwalk at 5 in the morning.

Education experts also see it as irrational: “It has no correlation with the effort to improve the quality of teaching“, explains Marsel Robot, an education expert at Nusa Cendana University.

Complaints have reached the office of the Ombudsman of Indonesia, which has already filed a complaint with the central administration to intervene. The Ministry of Education has already said that it is studying it.

But things in the palace go slowly, and until someone stops this guy governor willing impart discipline at all costs, it can take months. meanwhile, these 16 year old teenagers of Indonesia they have to go every day class at 5:30 in the morningcompletely altering their life cycle, their rest, and generating stress, having to walk kilometers in the middle of the night.

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