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How much does the upper class earn in Mexico?

How much does the upper class earn in Mexico?

To illustrate the gap that exists between the level of consumption of the upper class and the lower class in Mexico, some data can be cited:

Telecommunications consumption

The poorest 10% of the population consume 300 pesos a month in fixed telecommunications services, while the 1% consume 650 pesos a month in this type of service.

The difference is that, for the poor, said consumption represents 8.8% of their income, while, in the case of the richest, this consumption represents only 1.2% of theirs, according to a report by the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT).

Hours spent on television consumption

Nielsen, a company specialized in radio and television metrics in Mexico, classifies the audience into four socioeconomic levels.

In a study carried out in 2018, it is estimated that the highest income segment spends around 4 hours and 52 minutes watching television. In contrast, the poorest households spend 5 hours and 26 minutes.

What does the upper class do?

The majority of upper-class households that have wage earners work in corporations, companies, or private businesses (41.8%), 22.7% work in the government, and 7.9% work in some independent, personal, or family business.

Finally, the upper-upper class is made up of big businessmen, some even appear on the lists of the world’s richest.

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