How do Muslims from Ukraine and abroad fight against Russia?

How do Muslims from Ukraine and abroad fight against Russia?

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Since the start of the war in Ukraine, thousands of Muslims have also taken up arms or helped in other ways with the war efforts. While most of these Muslims are of course Ukrainian, many are from the Caucasus and Chechnya in particular. Together with the Ukrainians they defend Ukraine and its values, they also fight against Russia. Report by Raid Abu Zaideh and Anaïs Guérard from France 24.

Although Ukraine is primarily Christian, it is also home to about half a million Muslims, making up about 1 percent of the population. Most of them are Crimean Tatars.

After the Russian invasion, on February 24, 2022, many Muslims took up arms alongside their compatriots. Today, Ukrainian Muslims are fighting in the army, as are Muslims from the Caucasus and in particular from Chechnya, who have also joined the fight by enrolling in the battalions of Chechen volunteers such as Dzhokhar Dudayev and Sheikh Mansur.

In October last year, the Ukrainian Parliament recognized the independence of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and the illegal occupation of the territory by Russia.

Raid Abu Zaideh and Anaïs Guérard, France 24 reporters on the ground, went to meet the Muslims who, along with imams and clerics, have joined the Ukrainian cause.

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