“He had brilliant ideas”, fans want PlayStation to revive this PS3 franchise

Does Resistance deserve a second chance?

Throughout its history, PlayStation has welcomed many exclusive franchises. Naturally, some continue to this day and others remained in the trunk of memories. One of the IPs that is missing and without showing signs of life is Resistance. Will it ever come back? It is impossible to know, but the community wants it that way.

Resistance is a series that was born by the acclaimed studio Insomniac Games during the PlayStation 3 generation. The first installment, Fall of Mandebuted in 2006 and was successful and popular enough to get 2 sequels and a couple of spin-offs for handheld consoles.

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After the release of Resistance: Burning Skies In 2012, the franchise remains in a long slumber and with no apparent chance of a return. Although it never obtained the levels of popularity that proposals as call of duty either battle fieldover the years he created a loyal fan base that is still waiting for his return.

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Fans call for PlayStation to save Resistance

A couple of days ago, the user of KylerRamos turned to the playstation subreddit to ask the community if Insomniac Games or another studio should develop a new installment in the series for PlayStation 5. To no one’s surprise, the response was extremely positive.

In the comments section, dozens of users stated that the IP deserves to return. Some people believe that a new title is necessary, while others settle for a remaster or remake of the classic installments.

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“Yes, it was a franchise that had brilliant ideas,” commented one user. “I think enough time has passed and with the updated technology and his unique weapons, I reckon he would have enough to set himself apart from [otros juegos] From the market. We could have a new PS exclusive FPS with a great campaign and multiplayer,” another fan wrote.

Referring to the recent agreement that Microsoft and Sony signed to keep call of duty on PlayStation platforms for at least 10 years, some players believe that the saga Resistance should be revived to compete against Activision Blizzard’s successful military saga.

As of this writing, KylerRamos’ post has over 1,500 upvotes and 271 comments. While some believe that Insomniac Games has its hands full with superhero projects, others are more optimistic and hope that this or another studio will take over the franchise.

According to a recent report, Resistance 4 was canceled due to its thematic kinship with The Last of Us by Naughty Dog.

Does Resistance deserve a second chance?

But tell us, do you think this franchise deserves to return? Let us read you in the comments.

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