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Google gives access to new generative AI capabilities in the search experience through Search Labs

May 26. (Portaltic/EP) –

Google has started giving access to new generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in search through Search Labswith three new ways to search that will help the user to understand a topic “faster” and discover new points of view and ideas “easier”.

Search Labs it’s a Google’s new program which it announced at its annual I/O 2023 conference, which allows users to join experiments the company is working on in the AI-powered search experience.

Some of these experiments are the generative search experience (SGE), the code hintswhich will help users write code “faster and smarter” by leveraging the power of large language models, and the add search results directly to a spreadsheet.

In this sense, Google has informed through a statement on its website that has begun to give access to new generative AI capabilities for the experience of search with Search Labs. For this reason, it has indicated that users who have already registered on the waiting list to enter the Search Labs program will receive an email when they can start testing these experiments.

Likewise, it has detailed that, once inside the program, the new search capabilities will help the user to “take some of the search work out” so that, in this way, it is possible understand a topic fasteras well as discover new points of view and ideas on various issues in a simpler way.

As the company has exemplified, instead of users asking a series of questions and then collecting the information, now Google “can do some of that work.” In this framework, he has detailed three ways that will make the search easier with new generative AI capabilities.

First, Google has explained that the new search capabilities make it easier to “catch up” on a new or complicated topicas it will provide AI-powered results that will help understand what factors to consider about the topic at hand.

This capability can be useful if a user wants to learn how to start their own company. will be offered results that will allow the user to “get familiar quickly” with scope and Go deeper with links to articles.

Another of the new search capabilities are the quick tips for specific questions. Specifically, this function gathers content information from across the web to answer a very specific question. Thus, it will show key points of information that the user needs to know or a variety of options available and continue with the help of the web.

As specified by the company, a specific type of question would be “How can I remove an old coffee stain from a wool sweater?” or “How can I renew my passport quickly?”.

Finally, the third new feature in the search experience is related to shopping. Specifically, Google will be able to display search results with product ranges and things to consider when buying.

With this capacity, the user will be able to know relevant information about a type of product, as well as different ranges of related articles. For example, if the user searches for information to buy a portable speaker, she will get a list of factors to consider as the battery life, water resistance Or the sound quality.

In addition, Google will also display a list of product proposals with information like price, customer ratings and links to access the purchase website.

All this will be displayed in a differentiated section below the search bar so that the user finds it easily and differs from the usual results. In addition, this section includes a option to ask a follow-up question to continue investigating the searched topic.

Likewise, Google also shows different options to select a “suggested next step”. These options show possible questions that may be of interest to the user. By clicking on any of these options, Google will open a talk mode in order to increase the information.

All of these capabilities are embedded in Search Labs and are therefore an initial experiment in introducing generative AI into search results. In this regard, the company has stated that “They will make many updates and improvements over time”with the aim of making the search “even more natural and intuitive”.

For those users who have not yet signed up for Search Labs and want to be part of the program, Google has indicated that only they will have to register by clicking the Labs icon appearing in the latest version of the Google app on both Android and iOSor on the desk of Chrome.

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