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Geopolitical tension in the Middle East drives the price of the dollar

Dollar in Colombia

The geopolitical tension in the Middle East after the attack Iran to Israel and the next announcement of lower rates from the central bank of the United States Federal Reserve They caused the dollar in the world to register increases against all currencies. In Colombia, the dollar gained $55.12 against the peso in the banking market.

The Representative Market Rate (official dollar) For this Tuesday it stood at $3,889.58, with an increase of $24.61 compared to yesterday's figure of $3,864.97.

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According to Bancolombia, in the international context, it was known that, in March, US retail performed better than market expectedwith sales that increased 0.7% monthly.

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Dollar in Colombia


The dollar has strengthened globally in a context of lower investor risk appetite.

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The favorable interest rate differential for Colombia compared to peers in the region, an expected inflow of financial flows to emerging markets and other seasonal current flows (taxes from large taxpayers) would allow the peso to maintain a price below $3,950 in the second quarter.

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