Four dead after tourist boat capsizes on Lake Maggiore in northern Italy

Four dead after tourist boat capsizes on Lake Maggiore in northern Italy

four people died when capsizing on Sunday night a boat in which a group of 24 people, including 22 tourists of British nationality They were having a party at the lake maggiorein northern Italy, as reported by the rescue teams on Monday.

The fire brigade divers continued throughout the night the search for the last missing person until this Monday morning, when the body was found 16 meters deep. Total, Three tourists and the boat owner’s wife were killed.

The boat, in which there was a group of 24 people, 22 British tourists, according to local media, and two Italian people who were crew members, overturned in the area of ​​Lisanza and Dormellettoin Lombardia (northern Italy), due to a strong storm that caused it to overturn around 7:30 p.m. this Sunday. then sank.

All the people who were on the boat ended up in the water and, most managed to reach the shore by swimming between the towns of Lisanza and Piccaluga or were rescued by other boats.

Rescue divers and a helicopter rushed to help with the search at the southern end of the lake, and several ambulances, including an air ambulance, attended the scene. A video shared by firefighters on Twitter showed chairs and other debris floating in rough water.

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Two of the rescued were transported to the hospital in Gallarate and Varese, another three were sent to Angera and 15 remaining survivors They were treated on the spot.

Lake Maggiore is located to the south of the Alps and covers the territories of Switzerland and Italy, being a popular destination for tourists. However, the area had been affected by bad weather for the last 24 hours and the Italian meteorological service had issued a severe storm warning.

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