Fortnite: “It's a scam”, Epic made a controversial change to the Battle Royale and fans are upset

Epic Games removed a very important element from Fortnite

Epic Games launched this week update 29.20 for Fortnite: Battle Royale and made the players angry. This is because the update includes an important change related to the store and the cosmetic items offered in it.

The players protested and asked the company to return everything to its original state, as they consider it to be bad practice. They think that Epic is only looking to make more money and, in a certain way, deceive and scam its users.

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Epic removed the rarity system in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Epic Games removed a very important element from Fortnite
Epic Games removed a very important element from Fortnite

The most recent update of the game generated controversy since removed the old color system and names that served to distinguish the rarity of the various cosmetic objects. According to the company, it made this adjustment as the store has evolved over the years and now houses a wide range of aesthetic content.

Epic explained that certain item sets will continue to be identified by the name of various series, such as the Idol Series or the in-game Legends Series. This way, players will be able to easily find special content.

On the other hand, the studio announced that, from the end of May, it will show the expected date on which each of the objects in its store will disappear. So, now there will be an individual countdown for each item and not a general one for the entire store.

Players of Fortnite: Battle Royale they believe that Epic wants to scam them

As expected, the community had a negative reaction to the update and the removal of the color system to identify the rarity of items. Many believe that the lack of this badge will allow Epic to price the skins and other accessories whatever they want.

Others claim that it is a bad sign for all Battle Royale players, as they fear that in the future they will have to spend more even for the most basic items of the title. Because of this, players claimed that Epic Games wants to scam them. As of this writing, the company has not responded to the criticism.

“I hate this change to the locker interface, and I think it's in an effort to separate rarity and price to get more money out of players.Fortnite is trying to scam players more and more! With rubbish marketing tactics,” said one angry fan.

Players are upset with the changes in Fortnite
Players are upset with the changes in Fortnite

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