Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 2: how to get exotic weapons from Holo-Chests

Fortnite Chapter 4 - Season 2: how to get exotic weapons from Holo-Chests

Currently, there are a total of six exotic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 2. The detail is that the loopers will not be able to buy them from the NPCs, but must try their luck with the Holo-Chests that are scattered throughout the map.

Do not think that it is enough to find the Holo-Chest, but you will also require the keys to open each chest. It sounds like a tedious task, but not impossible if you know where to look. You can buy the keys yourself from the NPC named CRZ-8 or obtaining the Keymaster Reality Augmentation.

Keys can also be obtained by looting chests and eliminating opponents who have them. Although the latter method is more risky, this shouldn’t be a big problem for those who enjoy fighting in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

We recommend you first find the key before looking for the Holo-Chest. It happens that the keys, once in the inventory, mark the Holo-Chests on the minimap with a white lock icon. These are small gray chests that project holographic images of weapons onto them. Most require a single key to unlock, but there is usually one that requires two. The latter usually contain weapons and exotic items.

FORTNITE | What are the weapons that I can get

There are Holo-Chests that contain rare and legendary versions of standard weapons, as well as exotic ones. Exotic weapons include Heisted variants of the Twin-Mag SMG, Red Eye Assault Rifle, Heavy Sniper Rifle, Heavy Shotgun, Heavy Maven Auto Shotgun, and Run ‘n’ Gun SMG.

FORTNITE CHAPTER 4 | Week 1 Challenges

  • Visit Breakwater Bay, Anvil Square and Shattered Slabs (3)
  • Destroy objects while drifting or accelerating in a Nitro Drifter (25)
  • Land in MEGA City and then make it to the top 25 players (2)
  • Damage opponents with three different types of weapons in a single match (3)
  • Get Airtime on a Rogue Bike (15 – Two Stages)
  • Deal damage with assault rifles (250)
  • Open chests (3)
  • Finish in the top 10 in different matches (3 – Two stages)

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