Former Vice President of Nicaragua Sergio Ramírez accepts Ecuador’s offer to give him citizenship

Former Vice President of Nicaragua Sergio Ramírez accepts Ecuador's offer to give him citizenship

( Spanish) — The Nicaraguan writer and journalist, Sergio Ramírez, said this Friday that the president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, informed him that the country has decided to grant him Ecuadorian citizenship.

“I feel grateful and very honored to have Ecuador as my homeland,” Ramírez wrote on his Twitter account.

Ramírez, former vice president of Nicaragua, is one of the 94 Nicaraguans who, days ago, were stripped of their nationality and their property after being convicted by a Managua court of “treason.” At the time, Ramírez said that the measure is an arbitrary act and that he will never stop being Nicaraguan.

Sergio Ramirez. Credit: EZEQUIEL BECERRA/AFP via Getty Images

In a statement, the Ecuadorian government expressed its “satisfaction” since Ramírez “has gladly accepted the offer of Ecuadorian nationality” made to him by President Lasso. In addition, the statement adds that “the nationality award ceremony will take place on a date to be agreed upon soon.”

Colombia and Spain, among other countries, had offered Ramírez citizenship.

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