FIFA 24: the release date of EA Sports FC, the successor to the soccer series, has been leaked

A new era of football is near

EA Sports FCthe new soccer franchise from Electronic Arts that will take the place of FIFA, has generated a lot of expectation among fans. That is why several will be interested to know that its release date has just been leaked.

Billbil-kun, a leaker that you surely recognize for advancing the PlayStation Plus announcements, announced that he already has the release date for EA Sports FC. According to his sources, the successor of FIFA It will arrive on September 29, 2023.

An important point is that EA Sports FC will continue the tradition of FIFA by offering different editions and early access. In addition to the Standard version of EA Sports FC, there will also be an Ultimate edition that will offer a week of early access. Thus, those who buy it will be able to start playing from September 22.

Another point to keep in mind is that, according to the source, EA Sports FC will have an EA Play trial. Thus, those who pay for the service will have the opportunity to enjoy the beginning of the new era of soccer video games from Electronic Arts to see if it convinces them to buy it.

At the moment, Electronic Arts has not said anything about this leak. We will stay tuned and let you know when we know more about it.

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what do we know about EA Sports FC?

At the moment, Electronic Arts has not shared many details about EA Sports FC. So the main thing we know is that this is the new era of their soccer games after the company broke up with FIFA after not reaching an agreement for the use of the name.

Of course, few things are expected to change in this new era. We say this since EA has shown that one of its plans to EA Sports FC is to continue taking advantage of the license of professional teams and leagues. In addition, it is very likely that the game system will have almost the same characteristics and that modes like Ultimate Team will still be present.

A new era of football is near

At LEVEL UP we will share more details about EA Sports FC once they are available.

What do you think about this new? are you excited about EA Sports FC? Tell us in the comments.

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