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Feijóo limits his idea that the list with the most votes to govern to the city councils

Feijóo and Ayuso try to distance themselves from Vox in the face of the wear and tear of the PP due to abortion without breaking or renouncing their support

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has presented this Monday with the pageantry of an institutional declaration, and incidentally without questions, a regeneration proposal that includes, among other measures, a proposal to change the law and to govern the most voted in the elections. But only in the municipal ones. The approach would not affect regional, regional or general elections. As the leader himself said last week, when he already anticipated the idea, it would be applied as and when it “interests” him.

Feijóo and Ayuso try to distance themselves from Vox in the face of the wear and tear of the PP due to abortion without breaking or renouncing their support


Feijóo has made the announcement in a setting chosen with intention: the Oratory of San Felipe Neri, in Cádiz, where in 1812 the first Spanish constitution, known as La Pepa, was signed. In a brief speech read, the Galician leader has made a panegyric of the “liberals” who at the dawn of the 19th century wrote a very advanced constitution by the standards of the time. And he has tried to show that, today, those liberals would be in the PP.

The leader of the PP has said that this Monday he takes a “step forward at a crucial moment of Spanish democracy”, that he is experiencing “turbulence” despite the fact that a “vast majority identifies with constitutional values ​​and wants them to remain standing ”. “We are on the side of the moderate majority of the nation,” he maintained, dressed in black and before a baroque altarpiece that houses one of Murillo’s most relevant works, The Immaculate Conception.

Feijóo has announced a total of 60 specific measures, which the PP has not yet made public, in five main axes and which, among others, include recovering the crimes of sedition, embezzlement and illegal referendum; limit the use of the royal decree law, regulate the debate on the state of the nation and open a vague “democratic and legislative quality office”; that the mayoralty fall “to the candidacy with the most direct popular support”, without defining it more specifically, that there be “institutional and frequent communication with the opposition leader”, as well as “prohibiting the use of public resources for party acts” ; Regarding the Judiciary, the Galician proposes “limiting the revolving doors” and increasing the “requirements for independence in the CGPJ and the Constitutional Court”, as well as imposing a “five-year mandate for the Attorney General” to “separate him from the Government ”. Finally, he wants to introduce criteria of “suitability to direct regulatory bodies” and legal changes to provide “credibility and independence of the institutions”, which he has specified in “CIS, INE, CNI and RTVE”.

The most voted list… only in town halls

Most of the proposals raised by Feijóo are not new and have been deployed by the PP in recent months. But there is a certain novelty, at least since the Galician came to the leadership of the Spanish right: to recover the idea of ​​the most voted list.

Feijóo, however, had already made it clear last week that this idea would not be applied generally, but limited solely and exclusively to municipal elections, which leaves out regional, insular, regional and general elections. In those cases, according to the PP proposal, whoever added more could govern. For example, he with Vox.

Or Ayuso, to whom it already happened in 2019. Both the president of Madrid and the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez Almeida, came second in the elections four years ago and achieved power after agreeing with Ciudadanos and the extreme right. The regional ones that year were won by the PSOE, and the municipal ones by Más Madrid. Ayuso agreed again to invest him with Vox in 2021, although then he did prevail.

Perhaps that is why the president of Madrid has ignored the proposal of her leader this morning. The president of Madrid has assured in an interview on Antena 3 that she “does not see a bad thing” that whoever obtains the most support from the Plenary (whether municipal, regional or national) governs, who is not necessarily the one who wins the elections. In fact, Ayuso has spoken of “blocks”, a signifier from which Feijóo flees.

In any case, both have considered that the feasibility of the project is none and have agreed that it cannot be applied. Feijóo has pointed out “to the sanchismo” because, he has anticipated, they will only receive “contempt, disqualification and falsehood” from the Government. Ayuso has expanded it to “the left”.

The PSOE rejects… and delves into the wound

The reaction of the PSOE has not been long in coming. In Ferran they believe that the PP leader’s proposal is a distraction maneuver to divert the focus from his pacts with the extreme right and does not give him any credibility or political path. “Not even he believes it, and not even in her own party do they support her,” said the spokeswoman for the Socialist Executive, Pilar Alegría, at a press conference this Monday, referring to the words of Isabel Díaz Ayuso distancing herself from the extent, informs José Enrique Monrosi.

“Before Feijóo presented the proposal in Cádiz, the other spokesperson for the PP, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, had already come out to tear down the proposal,” highlighted Alegría, who has alluded to Feijóo’s career as leader of the Galician PP to remember who already made decisions contrary to what is now required.

“Feijóo is from Orense, and in Orense he ordered the third list to be given mayoralty despite the fact that the leader of the PSdG asked him by letter to govern the list with the most votes,” he stressed, before pointing out that “the least that can be asking a political party when launching a proposal is that it be coherent”.

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