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Fedegán announced the sum of more than 61 thousand hectares of land for sale

Fedegán announced the sum of more than 61 thousand hectares of land for sale

The National Federation of Cattlemen (Fedegán) announced that there was an increase in sales proposals for hectares of land in all departments nationwide.

This “dynamism” was due to the federation’s intention to socialize with the country’s ranchers about the National Land Agreement with the Government and thus generate “clarity and enthusiasm” for them, which resulted in an increase of 61,362 hectares proposed for saleas reported by executive president of Fedegán, José Félix Lafaurie.

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We currently have proposals for the sale of 364,362 hectares, that is, 20 percent more than what we registered last February 24, the date on which we began with the strategy of the concurrence of people interested in selling their lands.”.

The vast majority of total hectares of land offered by department, according to the latest data from Fedegán, are in: arauca (158,155 ha), Goal (70,023 ha), Vichada (20,623 ha), Cease (20,230 ha), Bolivar (17,002 ha) and Casanare (14,179 ha).

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It is noteworthy that the offers come from 28 departments of the country and the figures reveal that while only 6 of them offer 300,212 hectares that represent 82.4% of the total, the remaining 22 departments propose the sale of 64,150 hectares, that is, a smaller segment that is equivalent to 17.6% of the totalLafaurie added.

In the month of October 2022, the signing of the TOsane of land sales between the Government of Gustavo Petro and Fedegán. Since then, there were different channels for the federation to start receiving land sales offers.

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In addition to the socialization events held in Montería (Córdoba) and Valledupar (Cesar), the union promotes and compiles offers through the 5,400 WhatsApp groups that bring together more than 200,000 ranchers in the country.”, explained J.osé de Silvestri, technical manager of Fedegán and Patricia Echecerry Gutierrez, vice president of the Board of Directors of the entity and representative of the Antioquia ranchers.

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The offers received are transferred to the National Land Agency for this entity to start the feasibility study together with the Agustín Codazzi Geographic Institute (IGAC)in order to know the appraisal of the land and end with a sale price proposal with the owner of the property, who will decide their position before the process and, failing that, if the sale is concluded or not.


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