Erdogan claims that “Turkey is the winner” after his election victory

Erdogan claims that "Turkey is the winner" after his election victory

The Turkish president calls for unity from the opposition ahead of his new term

May 29. (EUROPE PRESS) –

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has addressed Turkish citizens after his victory in the presidential elections, stating that “the winner of the elections” is the country’s democracy.

Erdogan, from the presidential balcony, thanked the voters for having “demonstrated the strength of our democracy”, referring to both his supporters and those of the opposition, according to the TRT Haber chain.

“In one of the most important elections of our multi-party political life, our nation made its decision in favor of the Turkey Century,” he explained, referring to the fact that in the first round of the elections, voters had “demonstrated their legislative preference” by being the candidate with the most votes despite not achieving the necessary majority to repeat the mandate without having to hold a second round.

“But we are not the only winners. The winner is Turkey, the winner is our nation with all its segments, our democracy is the winner,” he declared.

Thus, he has considered that “nobody has lost today”, emphasizing that “now is the time to put aside all the debates and conflicts related to the electoral period” in order to “unite” the objectives with the opposition.

“We are making this call with all our hearts, not just in words. Because we know that Turkey’s strength comes from the fact that 85 million people are together,” he said.

In this sense, he has stated that, after the end of the electoral period, efforts must be focused on providing services to the people affected by the earthquakes and facing the consequences of the earthquakes, as well as inflation.

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