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El Dorado Airport can perform 68 air operations per hour

El Dorado Airport can perform 68 air operations per hour

A study led by the International Air Transport Association (Iata) found that the actual air operations capacity at El Dorado airport, from Bogota, is from 68 per hour.

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Theoretically speaking, Iata added, that capacity can go up to 70 operations per hour, “under normal conditions and current infrastructure“.

Regarding the investigation (the first of its kind to be carried out in El Dorado, as reported) the Iata announced that “analyzed the capacity and efficiency of the most important airport in the country from a technical perspective, with a view to giving its users a better service“.

Also, it was explained that the analysis took into account data, field work and simulations. And the base was 2019, the year with the highest number of operations so far.

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The complete study will analyze the variation of said capacity in the most frequent eventualities that El Dorado presents in the operation and “will identify opportunities for improvement that allow for a more efficient capacity, to offer more attractive experiences to passengers and increase the competitiveness of Bogotá and the entire country“.

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The last week of May the final conclusions of the ‘El Dorado International Airport Capacity Study and it is already known that some recommendations are focused on reach a theoretical maximum capacity of 82 operations per hour.

In the study, the Iata asserted, the Ministry of Transport, the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI), Aerocivil, Opain, Avianca, Latam Airlines, Copa Airlines, Satena, EasyFly, American Airlines and Lufthansa.

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