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Dollar in Colombia fell 71 pesos and is below $4,500

Dollar in Colombia fell 71 pesos and is below $4,500

After a day of great rise in which the dollar was located above 4,550 weights, this Wednesday, September 18, in the early hours of the day, reported a slight drop.

At 8:49 am the foreign currency traded at a average price of $4,507.98. That is, 48.44 pesos below the Representative Market Rate, which is $4,556.42.

Later, at 11:33 am, the dollar registered an average price of $4,489.41. Which implies a drop of 67.01 pesos according to the TRM.

Finally, at the close, the currency had a average trading price of $4,485.28 cIt is 71.14 pesos below the Representative Rate, placing it again below 4,500 pesos.

The opening price of the day was $4,520. For now, the maximum trade value was $4,530 and the minimum was $4,474.00. Throughout the day the currency It has not been located below 4,500 pesos.

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The strengthening that the dollar has been having against the different currencies of the world, among which are the pound sterling and the euro, as well as the growing fears of a global recession, due, among other factors, to the rise in energy costs in Europe, continue to hit the different markets of the planet.

In just a month and a half, the Dollar Index, which measures the evolution of the greenback in relation to a basket of currencies, has risen 10 percentwhich has made the raw material market more expensive, including oil.


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