Delfina Gómez, candidate supported by AMLO’s party, wins the state of Mexico

Delfina Gómez, candidate supported by AMLO's party, wins the state of Mexico

Delfina Gómez, candidate of the ‘Together, we will make history’ movement, supported by Morena, the presidential party, won the elections in the State of Mexico on Monday. She thus becomes the first female governor of the state.

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With RFI correspondent in Mexico City, Gwendolina Duval

With a participation close to 50%, according to the first results, the candidate Delfina Gómez, from the ‘Together, we will make history’ movement, backed by Morena, the presidential party, has won the elections with a comfortable advantage (between 52% and 54%) over her rival Alexandra De Moral (PRI).

This professor, who has developed her entire political career in the region, thus becomes the first woman to become governor. She will have to face numerous challenges in a state plagued by violence.

The stakes in these elections were also crucial for the Mexican political landscape, since, with a year to go before the presidential elections, it marks a milestone and the repercussions of the result go beyond the regional sphere, giving an additional impetus to the ruling party.

The PRI loses its great stronghold

This is a historic result for the State of Mexico and a defeat for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which has ruled the state for almost a century and has now lost its most important stronghold.

A few minutes after the polls closed, candidate Delfina Gómez celebrated her victory, accompanied by national figures from the Morena party. These results illustrate the defeat of the national opposition parties despite their attempts to form an alliance, and symbolically resonate in favor of the party of the Mexican president.

This victory also testifies to the expansion of the movement started by Andrés Manuel López Obrador across the country, election after election, paving the way for his favorite, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum, to succeed him in 2024.

The State of Mexico, with its 12.7 million inhabitants, is the most populous in Mexico and has the largest reserve of votes in the country for the upcoming presidential elections.

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