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Davivienda and Finagro deliver 14,000 subsidized insurance

Subsidies for fuel, agriculture and fishing degrade the environment

Davivienda, finegro and the National government announced the destination of 14,000 subsidized insurance who will have an investment of $14,096 million for economic activities such as coffee, cocoa, papa crops, corn, banana, rice, avocado, cane, among others.

Davivienda will assume 17% of the costs that include the non-subsidized part of the premium, plus 100% VAT, and Finagro 83% to give that protection to small producers and low-income producers.

(‘We are working on the development of LPG of renewable origin’).

The bank said that sustainable financing for agriculture is not only ensured, but also protection against the risks of climate change.

Small producers throughout the country benefit from the insurance that protects against variations that generate excess rainfall or drought.

(‘We are taking spending to maximum levels’: Carf).

For Davivienda, the countryside represents a great social and cultural value for the country, it is a fundamental source for the economy of the regions. Through this benefit, we intend to contribute to the generation of trust, competitiveness, profitability, sustainability and fewer worries for small producers.” pointed out the bank.

The parametric insurance was developed by Bolivar Insurance.

(Misinformation or low coverage?: Crisis in the delivery of subsidies).

For her part, Ángela María Penagos, president of Finagro, said that this is “an effort that the Ministry of Agriculture is making by granting the Agricultural Insurance almost double what had been delivered. We have $95,000 million planned and we have executed 75% of the resources”.

In addition, he congratulated Davivienda and Seguros Bolívar for this product.


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