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Colombia and CAN join Amazon to strengthen innovation

Colombia and CAN join Amazon to strengthen innovation

The General Secretariat of the Andean Community (CAN) and the company Amazon Web Services (AWS) began this Friday “a strategic collaboration” which will focus on strengthening the capacities of the member countries of the organization (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) in digitization and technological innovation.

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The CAN reported, in a statement, that the issue was discussed during a conference by senior AWS executives, with the participation of representatives of the four countries’ technology and communications ministries and agencies.

In the inauguration, the interim secretary general of the CAN, Diego Caicedoassured that “advance is being made in the process of productive digital transformation” in the region and, as part of the implementation actions of the Andean Digital Agenda, approved in 2022, work is being done on projects and new digital platforms.

In this regard, he highlighted the progress of the Intercom community interoperability project, a platform that will allow accredited entities to interconnect by countries in foreign trade and will facilitate an exchange of about 4 million digital documents.

also works for the upcoming implementation of the Regional Phytosanitary Intelligence Center, a platform that seeks the standardization and homologation of phytosanitary information with the use of “techno-digital resources” to strengthen pest prevention and management. Caicedo announced that with this conference the space “DigiCAN” was launched, that involves “actions, efforts and efforts” of the member countries and the General Secretariat on issues related to the Andean Digital Agenda.

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This joint initiative between AWS and the General Secretariat is based on the “AWS DigiGov” experiencea workshop whose objective is to give local and regional governments the tools to lead digital transformation processes in your area and promote public policies that improve the quality of life of its citizens.

About, the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade of Peru, Teresa Mera, He pointed out that his country considers that the digital transformation of Andean companies and citizens is “an essential requirement” for the economic and social success of the region.

“Peru proposes the maximum economic use of new technologies accompanied by ethical practices and social inclusion”, Indian.

In the conference, Laura Alvarez, program manager for the Latin American public sector at Amazon, and Diego Urbina, public policy manager for the Andean region, spoke about digital governmentuse of the cloud to design citizen-focused government services, data-driven public policy and decision-making, digital security, and resilient governments.

For his part, Professor at the University of Zaragoza and consultant in Digital Transformation for the Spanish Government Julio Tejedor, reported on the digital transformation process in the European Union (EU).

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The meeting was attended by the Agency for Electronic Government and Information and Communication Technologies of Bolivia, the ministries of Information Technology and Communications of Colombia and of Telecommunications and the Information Society of Ecuador, as well as the Secretariat of Government and Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru.


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