California braces for heavy rain and wind after unusual snowstorm

California braces for heavy rain and wind after unusual snowstorm

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A group of storms will affect the state of California with strong winds and rains, mainly in the coastal areas. According to the US National Weather Service, it will continue to snow in mountainous areas, where “significant impacts” are expected.

California continues under the blows of nature. After an unusual snowfall, now the inhabitants of the most populous state in the United States are preparing for a series of storms that will affect their coastal areas with strong winds and rain.

Nor will it stop snowing intensely in the center and north of the territory, the mountainous areas of California. Los Angeles, a city well known for its hot weather, reported snow on its streets. A panorama that would have been incredible in recent decades.

As of this Sunday night, natural events that affect that area will cause temperatures to drop to -13 degrees Celsius, said the National Weather Service, ‘NWS’ for its acronym in English.

The agency pointed out that these will mainly affect the mountainous area, since the storms will bring “significant impacts.”

According to the Reuters news agency, nearly 70,000 residents of that state on the US west coast presented power outages. However, the Los Angeles Department of Power and Water said it restored power to about 40,000 people as of Saturday.

The Department also made a call to people who find themselves without this service. They must plan for blackouts between 24 and 48 hours before the specialists respond to the breakdown.

Thousands of homes without power in Michigan

The AP news agency reported that, as specialists scrambled to fix the breaks, hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses were facing their fourth straight day without power.

The two main companies that provide electricity service in that state, DTE Energy and Consumers Energy reported that at least 168,000 business locations and homes did not have power at 6:00 pm (local time).

The spokesperson for the most affected company, DTE Energy, stated that the more repair services are expanded, the great damage to the lines left by the meteorological phenomenon is discovered.

According to the spokesperson, it is the largest number of blackouts that the company has ever reported, second only to a storm that, in 2017, cut off power to nearly 800,000 people under its service.

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