Brussels allocates 100 million to promote teacher training in Africa

Brussels allocates 100 million to promote teacher training in Africa


The European Commission has launched this Thursday an initiative to support the training of young teachers in Africa, which will boost education on the continent with 100 million euros by 2030.

The objective is to promote quality education and increase the level of teachers, thus responding to the needs of 15 million new teachers in the continent, in an initiative that seeks to empower the world’s youngest population.

With this initiative, endowed with an item of 100 million from the European budget and which falls within the framework of the Global Gateway international development project, the EU will contribute to regional and national objectives by supporting and complementing national education and educational reforms, offering opportunities for cross-country collaboration, partnerships and peer learning in the region and with Europe.

“We want to support our partners to have a qualified and valued teacher in every class who can empower children and young people to thrive and develop skills for a future professional life,” said Commissioner for International Cooperation Jutta Urpilainen.

In this sense, the Finnish commissioner has insisted that investment in education is the one that has the greatest impact in the future. “We need more teachers and quality teaching,” she has stated.

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