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Bolaños asks Feijóo "more patriotism" and less "grumble" before positive data

Bolaños asks Feijóo "more patriotism" and less "grumble" before positive data

The Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory, Félix Bolaños, today asked the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, “more patriotism”, to be happy that the country is doing well in the economy and employment “and stop grumbling when you see that the figures are positive thanks to the efforts of this government”.

Bolaños has participated this Saturday in the Asturian town of Cudillero in an electoral act that has also had the presence of the head of the Asturian Executive, Adrián Barbón, with whom he had previously toured some of the areas most affected by the fire in the last wave of forest fires that the Principality has experienced.

Without going into the fine print of whether it has been because he has not spoken, “Feijóo has not screwed up for two days, Holy Thursday and Good Friday”, the minister pointed out before asking the popular to be happy to see how in this Holy Week “the very good economic and employment figures are already noticeable in the real economy, with terraces, cafeterias and terraces full.”

It is also noticeable, added the head of the Presidency, that “in front there is an opposition that is grumbling all day because those right-wing gentlemen feel bad that Spain is doing well.”

“Well, arm yourself with patience because we will continue to do better in the remainder of 2023,” said Bolaños, who has insisted that this festive bridge shows that the economic and employment figures “are already a reality, that there are joy, that there is optimism, and that there is a Spain that looks to the future, just as there is another in black and white that looks to the past”.

“A disaster like prophets”

For Bolaños, these parties of “extraordinary data” come after a “magnificent previous week” in which the creation of 300,000 jobs was verified until March, “the best quarter of the last decade”, which continued to hit the electricity bill. and that the public pension system was provided.

In terms of employment, he has affirmed that not only two out of every three jobs created are permanent, but that one out of every four are in sectors with high technological potential, and this despite the fact that the minimum interprofessional wage was raised between warnings of the right that this was going to create much more unemployment.

“The prophets of disaster, they are a disaster as prophets. They did not get it right and more jobs have been created and with more rights,” said the minister, who has also questioned the popular ones for having favored the French pension model in the face of the reform that has been carried out in Spain and that guarantees a system “public and sustainable” for the future, “and with social peace”.

Bolaños has acknowledged that there is a problem with inflation, but has said that the Socialists can “proudly say that the policies are working”, that it has dropped almost eight points in eight months and that Spain now has the second lowest in the European Union.

“What do those who want the country to do badly say now because they think that it will do better that way?” asked Bolaños, who also stressed that the communities with the most investment per inhabitant in health are governed by the socialists , and that it is no coincidence that Madrid, Castilla y León and Andalusia are at the bottom, all of them governed by the right.

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