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BMW CE 02: the new urban and electric motorcycle from BMW is aimed squarely at teenagers


If the BMW CE 04 drew attention on its arrival in Spain for breaking the mold with all the above in the range of the German firm, the BMW CE 02 does not leave indifferent either. It is, without a doubt, one more step in its range of urban motorcycles, where the company dares with more groundbreaking proposals.

The C family of BMW motorcycles have traditionally been focused on urban proposals, where they have dared to play with such curious experiments as the now mythical, bmw c1.

Now, BMW has presented its CE 02, an electric motorcycle for the urban environment, with a surprising design and that, in addition, can be handled by those older than 16 years, because you only need the A1 card for the most powerful. The other possibility is to have three years of experience as a driver with the B license.

This is the BMW CE 02

Without a doubt, the image of the BMW CE 02 is powerful. Its appearance gives it a greater presence than could be expected from its size. Its seat, completely flat and with space for two passengers, focuses much of the attention. The same goes for its front fork and rear fender. In addition, the top equipment package adds color to a restrained standard mix of black and grey.

At a mechanical level, this mixture of motorcycle and scooter (BMW prefers not to classify it in either of these two groups) has two versions, although both can be driven from the age of 16. The least powerful has a maximum of 4 kW (5 CV), although its nominal power is 3.2 kW (4 CV), with a maximum speed limited to 45 km/h. Therefore, it can be driven with an AM license.


For the most powerful it is necessary to be the holder of an A1 license, since it has a maximum power of 11 kW (15 CV) that is capable of driving the BMW CE 02 up to 95km/h to which it is limited. The weight oscillates between 119 kg of its most modest version and 132 kg of the most powerful. In both cases we are talking about 90 kilometers of autonomy.

To access it, the seat height is only 75 centimeters high and in the BMW configurator we can find that the rider will have a TFT screen to view all the data and some extras, such as the possibility of having levers heated, bluetooth compatibility, a mobile phone holder or a third sportier driving mode.

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For recharge the battery, the BMW motorcycle has a 0.9 kW socket as standard which can be increased to 1.5 kW as an extra. In this case, the charging time is three and a half hours to fill the battery completely or 102 minutes to go from 20 to 80% of the available autonomy.

Regarding its availability and prices, BMW assures that it will have the motorcycle available in the coming months but no more specific details have been offered. The price has not been confirmed either, to which we will remain attentive.

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