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Beer and Father’s Day, the new scam that circulates on WhatsApp

Beer and Father's Day, the new scam that circulates on WhatsApp

Sunday is Father’s Day, and holidays are approaching, and with it, cybercriminals also want to deceive us to scam us and get all our money.

But the Office of Information Security is warning that it is circulating massively in our country, a campaign that supplants the beer company Mahou by the Father’s day.

They warn that they have located a series of fraudulent messages that are being sent through WhatsApp and that they are impersonating Mahou to redirect the user to a fraudulent website, and urge him to enter his personal information and also his credit card.

If you’ve fallen for this trap, not only will cybercriminals get hold of lots of personal data that they could use in the future for more scams, but they’ll also likely keep your credit card details to make fraudulent withdrawals.

Also if you click on that link WhatsAppThey will ask you a short questionnaire to get a lot more information about you that they could use in future scams.

Tips to avoid falling for this type of scam

Unfortunately, there are many people who can end up falling for this type of scam, so the Information Security Office gives us a series of tips to avoid.

The first thing you should do is block the credit card that you entered in the data when accessing the fraudulent link. You should also inform the bank so that they are aware of any unaware withdrawals from your bank account.

And on the other hand, you must also notify the state security forces and bodies so that they are aware of this fraud.

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