Balance of the 100 days of Lula’s government

Lula's main goal in Washington

President Lula completed 100 days in office after his election for a third term. However, his honeymoon with the voters has not lasted, with a low popularity rating of 38%. Despite several emblematic social measures, Lula faces several challenges: environmental, with the protection of the Amazon; politicians, with a highly polarized and economic country, with limited room for maneuver in budgetary matters.

In these first three months of his third term, Lula da Silva expanded the emblematic Bolsa Família subsidy program and restored the original criteria of this program that helped reduce poverty: children are again required to go to school and be vaccinated. An additional subsidy was also created for each minor child.

A quota policy was also announced in high public office for Afro-Brazilians and mestizos, marginalized in society. Lula also revoked several government laws that made it easier to carry weapons. However, his approval is only 38% per hundred according to polling firm Datafolha, more than Bolsonaro after 100 days in power, but less than during his previous terms.

How to explain this figure? Responds the professor of Political Sciences of the Fluminense Universityfrom Brazil, Martial Garcia Suarez:

Noticias America 04-10-23 Balance of the 100 days of Lula’s government

Regarding the protection of the AmazonLula took urgent measures but it has not yet been possible to stop deforestation: from January to March, clearing reached historically high figures, just behind what occurred in 2022.

At the international level, Lula broke with Bolsonaro’s policy and resumed his ambition to make Brazil a non-aligned power. He built bridges with Venezuela, criticized the president of Ukraine and last week, Brazil rejoined the Unasur continent organization.

Interviewed: Martial Garcia Suarezprofessor of political science at the Fluminense Federal University from Brazil.

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