Attacks on Russia’s Belgorod region: a direct blow to Moscow’s morale?

Attacks on Russia's Belgorod region: a direct blow to Moscow's morale?

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Since the war began in Ukraine, it is the first time that a confrontation in Russia has lasted more than a day. This is what happens in the Russian region of Belgorod. While the Kremlin blames Ukrainian saboteurs, kyiv has disassociated itself from the events, claiming they are attacks carried out by Russian right-wing extremist groups, such as the Russian Freedom Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps. Can these kinds of raids on Russian soil turn the tide of the war? We discuss it in this discussion.

Belgorod is a region that borders Ukraine and is located in southwestern Russia. Both the regional governor and the Russian Investigative Committee allege that there were attacks in the town of Graivoron, where there is a Russian military base.

Moscow affirms that they shot down Ukrainian drones, but accepts that there were bombardments with mortars and artillery that affected residential and administrative buildings, Russia even points out that there were 12 civilians injured and that an elderly woman died. But Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak denies that kyiv is involved.

Although Ukraine denies any relationship with these groups, both the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) and the Russian Freedom Legion have claimed they have the backing of the Ukrainian Army and could not have done it without its support. support.

For its part, Russia replied that it killed 70 Ukrainian nationalists and that it has deployed an anti-terrorist operation in the region that involves border controls, document verification and communications surveillance.

To analyze the most recent episode of the war in Ukraine we talked with our guests:

– Román D. Ortiz, security and defense analyst at the Center for International Security of the Francisco De Vitoria University.

– Juan Battaleme, academic director of the Argentine Council for International Relations.

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