At least thirty kidnapped in a terrorist attack on a train station in Nigeria


At least 31 people have been kidnapped in a suspected terrorist attack at a train station in Edo state, southern Nigeria.

Several armed men reportedly attacked travelers waiting for their train to arrive on Saturday night at the station. In addition, as a result of the shots, several people were reportedly injured.

Subsequently, the country’s authorities have reported that the Police have arrested one of the suspects, according to the newspaper ‘Premium Times’.

The Nigerian government has described the kidnapping of passengers as “despicable” and “absolutely barbaric”, while it has indicated that it is “saddened” by the events and has promised a “prompt response to the unpleasant situation”.

“The Nigerian Police are on the trail of the criminals and have mobilized with a view to protecting the life and property of the remaining passengers,” said the press officer for the Ministry of Transport, Henshaw Ogubike, as reported. NAN news agency.

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