Anti-racism associations call for mobilization despite the prohibitions of the French Government

Anti-racism associations call for mobilization despite the prohibitions of the French Government

The racial controversy continues in France. Following the protests over the death of Nahel at the hands of the French police, the latter has Prohibited a rally on the occasion of the anniversary of the death, in 2016, of a young black man.

Seven years after the death of Adama Traoré in police custody, anti-racism associations had considered holding a commemorative march in Paris that the police, given the tensions of recent days, have ended up banning after a French court ruled the “high probability of public disturbances”, so they will move to other cities.

Following this court decision, the French police prefecture asked the organizers in a statement to “respect the decision of justice“and they will not concentrate in the planned place.

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Therefore, the march for Adama has been paralyzed, although Assa Traoré, the older sister, has confirmed that he will not “march” but will attend a rally in the Place de la Republique in the center of Paris to tell “the whole world that our dead have the right to exist, even in death”.

Traoré, who was 24 years old, died shortly after his arrest in 2016, sparking several nights of rioting which played out similarly to what happened a week after the point-blank shooting of Nahel during a traffic stop.

In a video, Assa, assured that with this prohibition to march on the anniversary of his brother “the Government has decided to add fuel to the fire.”

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Despite these prohibitions, several marches have been announced throughout France and the leitmotiv It will be the police violence in the country.

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About 30 demonstrations are planned across France this weekend in the cities of Lille, Marseille, Nantes and Strasbourg.

Various unions, political parties such as La Francia Insumisa and associations have asked their supporters to join the marches from “mourning and wrath” for police violence and against racism.

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These associations and unions have been calling for police reforms for weeks, including improvements in police tactics, weapons and the use of force.

On behalf of the Macron government, one of its spokesmen, Olivier Veran, criticized the organizations for calling demonstrations “in the main cities that have not yet recovered from the riots“of the last days.

Meanwhile, political and social tension is growing as far-right parties have linked the most intense and widespread unrest seen in the country since 2005 with mass migration and have demanded restrictions on new arrivals.

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