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Alexa: book my cruise trip

Alexa: book my cruise trip

Taking these couple of reasons as context, Royal Caribbean decided to choose Mexico to test the beta of this new skillwhich can be used by the little ones at home, even by users who have already traveled on the brand’s cruises.

“We chose Mexico because of the relevance of the market, but also because our youngest users are asking for this type of experience, in which only through voice can they request information and start choosing their next trip,” said Alberto Muñoz, vice president. of Royal Caribbean in Latin America.

How to book a cruise on Alexa

In order to access the skill, users will only have to say: Alexa, open Royal Caribbean and the assistant will start asking questions such as where users want to leave from, the date they want to sail or the type of trip they want to have. After this first interaction, the information will be taken up by a travel agent, who will follow up on the request.

According to Markets and Markets, voice services represent not only a competitive advantage, but a true revolution with a growth projection of 34% by 2026.

Iliana Rodríguez, MyVoiceTravel project manager, points out that this new skill can reduce the response time to just 24 hours, so both users will have a faster response, as well as travel agents will have support in their daily work.

It should be ruled out that although the beginning of the reservation will begin in Alexa, the completion of the reservation will be done through an agent. And within the devices that have the skill are Echo, Echo Show, or Fire TV Stick devices.

“80% of the users who will consume online in the coming years will be those of generation Z or alpha, so we seek to offer them a simpler and more immediate experience,” Muñoz said.

According to data from the brand, four out of five consumers in Latin America are considering taking a cruise for their vacations, which is why this alternative proposed by Royal Caribbean is only a first step in the technological approach that the brand will have on its cruises and services.

“We are also looking to strengthen these metaverse options, for example Icon of the Seas is already discoverable through Fortnite and some users have even pointed out that their children have asked them to go on the cruise because they met it through the game,” Munoz pointed out.

The integration of Fortnite and Royal Caribbean is called Hide’n Seas and seeks to make cruise travel in a more particular way.

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