After PlayStation Showcase 2023, gamers responded annoyed by games as services

PlayStation Showcase 2023: What games would be featured at Sony's mid-year conference?

PlayStation has changed its business model in recent years progressively. On the one hand, it modified the operation of its subscription in order to compete against Xbox Game Pass; now enables temporary download of triple a games from old consoles.

But the biggest change to come to the PS4 and PS5 consoles is where Sony puts its chips. We refer to the type of games that will arrive in the following months and years. During PlayStation Showcase 2023 we didn’t see big triple titles or franchises, outside of Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid, but rather an emphasis was placed on service business models.

“Disappointing. Since Jim Ryan became CEO, everything has gone downhill. Nobody wants those games as a service. Also, without Bluepoint, without Naughty Dog… Communication has also been terrible. The PS4 conferences at E3 in 2014, 2015, 2016 were much better”, detailed a player on social networks after the conference closed.

Games as services on PlayStation

For example, FAIRGAME$, Concord and Marathon are some of the titles that will use the services model. In other words, they will open their servers for all gamers but will have online micropayments and other services Playstation entering games as a service is a bad move.

Games as a service rarely work and PlayStation should stick to their single player games where they are doing amazing,” another gamer added via Twitter.

Another criticism of Sony was the way in which the games were presented, since there were many advances and the gameplays were saved for the closing of the event. Perhaps the most spectacular thing was seeing the mechanics of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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