A member of the United Nations World Food Program dies in Yemen

A member of the United Nations World Food Program dies in Yemen

July 21 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) announced this Friday the death of one of its members at the hands of armed men in Yemen, who could be the person in charge of the humanitarian agency for the province of Taiz, in the south of the country. .

On its Twitter account, the WFP echoes a message published by the Yemeni independent journalist Shuai Almosawa, who has reported the death of a WFP member in the town of Al Turba, in the south of the country, but the agency The UN does not give details about the identity of the deceased.

For their part, sources from the DPA agency do identify the victim as the Jordanian Muayad Hamidi, provincial official, shot to death by two individuals on a motorcycle while eating at a restaurant in the city.

Attendees fled after the attack.

The war in Yemen between the Yemeni government and the Houthi insurgency has completely devastated the country in nearly a decade and created the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, although hostilities appear to have subsided significantly in recent months.

In any case, more than 21 million Yemenis (two thirds of the population) will need humanitarian aid this year and 17 million of them must receive it urgently to survive.

The conflict has left almost 380,000 dead, either from the fighting or from hunger and disease; more than 85,000 of them children, to which must be added four million displaced persons, according to data considered by UN agencies.

The peace talks in Yemen have been boosted by the agreement reached in March between Saudi Arabia and Iran to normalize their diplomatic relations, broken in 2016, thanks to the mediation of China. Riyadh and Tehran have supported warring parties in the context of the conflict that broke out in 2015 in the Asian country, which shares a border with Saudi Arabia.

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