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A bug in Spotify reveals private ‘playlists’ of some users

A bug in Spotify reveals private 'playlists' of some users

July 17 (Portaltic/EP) –

A bug in Spotify has publicly disclosed some playlists or ‘playlists’ of users who had initially configured them as private, thus violating the privacy of its subscribers.

Users can choose the ‘playlists’ that are displayed on their profile and hide others that they do not wish to share. In case of doing so, the recipients can reproduce, follow and share them with other people, as indicated in their website.

Despite this measure, the streaming music platform would have begun to reveal some ‘playlists’ configured as private without the consent of the owner users, as stated Bleeping Computer.

Several users have reported that their private playlists have been made available to other users “silently”, something that means “an absolutely unacceptable breach of privacyaccording to some of them.

This situation follows another very similar one registered last March, when a user proposed a theory in which he suggested that the private lists were not really private, since despite being hiddenthey could continue to be shared through a link.

Since Spotify they have not yet made reference to this problem nor has the number of users been notified of the music platform affected by this vulnerability.

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