700 German far-rightists try to storm a session that approved the reception of refugees

700 German far-rightists try to storm a session that approved the reception of refugees

About 700 German far-rightists they’ve tried assault this Friday the session where the construction of a refugee center in Grevesmühlen, a municipality in the north of the country. The confrontation with the authorities took place after a march in which the group of ultras protested against the reception of refugees in the city.

After the protests, the ultra-rightists arrived at the public building where the voting was held. The result, by a slim majority, approved the transformation of an industrial site into a shelter with room for about 400 refugeesaccording to police sources.

In the protest march, which at first was going to be peaceful and included people outside the group of assailants, organizations identified as far-right had infiltratedas well as fans registered by the police as violent, according to the regional public television NDR, which collected the incidents.

police forces they cordoned off the place and repelled the attempted assaultalthough they had to resort to violence, as reflected in the images of that medium, as well as others that are circulating on Twitter.

one of the protesters finally managed to get into the building and he tried to open one of the accesses from the inside so that the rest could enter, while from the outside the protests intensified and doors and windows were banged on.

At that time, the 30 persons who participated in the session had to leave the place under police protection.

Initially some 60 agents had been dispatched to the place, but given the size of the protests and altercations the operation was reinforced until it reached 200 troops.

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According to the plans of the local authorities, the first housing-containers will be installed in march in the adjudicated lot of that locality, of about 10,000 inhabitants.

The plans for the reception center ran into protests from a part of the citizens and it had been warned of a growing far-right mobilization from other parts of the region, in the federal state of Mecklenburg Antepomerania (eastern part of the country)

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