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7 streamers who are just starting out, but are already aiming for the top

Quackity streamer Twitch

Although most of today’s streamers do not start exclusively on Twitch, on the purple platform they have managed to create very large communities that do not stop growing: these are the ones who aim higher.

The number of active channels on Twitch can give an idea that supply and demand are still a bit unbalanced and, in this sense, many streamers may be relegated to the background.

According to the latest data from twitch trackerreferring to April 2023, a total of 7,248,332 people opened their live shows to try to capture a potential audience that did not exceed 1.7 million viewers.

Added to this is the fact that the Spanish-speaking channels, as well as the audience, are smaller than the English ones, despite the fact that there are channels like Ibai Llanos that break world records.

In this sense, numerous streamers are looking for the opportunity to succeed on Twitch, with very diverse live formats, from the traditional IRL –”in real life” format– to gastronomy, the latter with large audiences.

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Most of these have already started their adventures on other platforms –accumulating success after success–, but they have seen Twitch as an opportunity to grow even more strongly, speaking “face to face” with their community in direct broadcasts.

We tell you what are the streamers who are still starting out, but who are already aiming for the top.

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Twitter @Quackity

One of the streamers who is aiming higher is quackity, which has a peculiarity that does not usually occur on Twitch: it has a main channel with content in English; and QuackityTooaimed at the Spanish-speaking public.

Without a doubt, the turning point of this content creator, already well known on other platforms such as YouTube, was his participation in Karmaland Vbeing the first Latin American to participate in this series.

On his Twitch channel QuackityToo he already accumulates 4.19 million followersin an upward progression that has not stopped growing since the summer of 2022.

Nil Ojeda

Nil Ojeda streamer Twitch

Twitter @nilojeda

Like Quackity, Nil Ojeda began his adventures with vlogs on YouTube, a platform where he continues to upload updated content.

His passing through twitchwhere you have a community with 1 million followersdoes nothing but grow, above all, due to its special events, very similar to that of the renowned international youtuber MrBeast, with contests for money.


rivers samy rivera

Twitter @samyriveratv

The Mexican streamer has become known mainly thanks to the Kings League, the format created by Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos that is sweeping Twitch, with world audience records.

In a similar way to the previous creatorsshe already accumulated a large community in previous years – she has 3.77 million followers on twitch–, although her landing in the football competition has led her to reach a potential that is yet to be exploited.


ViviendoEnLaCalle streamer IRL Twitch

Twitter @livingNLcalle

The IRL format – “In Real Life”, according to its acronym in English – is one of the favorites of the communities on Twitch, so it is not surprising the success it is reaping LivingOnTheStreet.

Jony, the creator’s real name, lost his job as a waiter in 2015 and this was compounded by a drug addiction problem. So he decided to radically break with his previous life and, from Malaga, emigrated to Madrid.

Now, he lives traveling thanks to the proceeds from his live shows, especially as a result of a donation that radically changed his life.

His time on Twitch has earned him the affection of almost 400,000 followers on the purple platform. Although he is already well known, his content on his travels has only just begun and he will surely become a live star.


ArrozyDisgraces Twitch

Twitch ArrozyDisgraces

“If to the madness of a professional kitchen, you add that we are family and that we show it to you live and without cuts, what can go wrong?” It is the description in twitch from one of the funniest IRL channels right now.

This family, made up of Tomás, Isabel and Aaron, their son, shows their work live in their restaurant. At the moment, they have more than 200,000 followersalthough its format could definitely take off during 2023.


FeedChinese Twitch

Twitch FeedChinese

A Twitch channel known literally as foodchinese. Behind him is Yang, of Chinese origin and owner of a bazaar.

In addition to playing League of Legends, takes direct orders. Thanks to a viral video on other platforms, it could become one of the greatest hits of the year on the purple platformin which you already have a community of more than 12,000 followers.


Cell youtuber streamer Twitch

Twitch Cell

If you like the salseo related to the world of streamers, the content of Cell is for you. This content creator has carved out a very important niche for himself in everything related to that “world of the heart” of Twitch and YouTube.

For now, his landing on the purple platform has led him to get more than 160,000 followersfigures that could still grow strongly considering that its YouTube community already has almost 700,000 subscribers.

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