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5G will connect people more, but it will make them more vulnerable

5G will connect people more, but it will make them more vulnerable

Network decentralization is a problem

It highlights that with 5G, cybersecurity was a central issue since its creation, unlike the other generations in which it was adapted; however, experts in the field point out that this standard has its intrinsic problems.

According to Kaspersky, pre-5G networks had fewer traffic touchpoints, making security and maintenance checks easier. But 5G systems have more connection points, making them harder to monitor and increasing access for cyber attackers.

On the other hand, the fact that this technology allows a greater volume of data, which is transmitted at a higher speed, forces companies to establish better threat detection tools in real time.

Likewise, users must also be careful in the devices they acquire, affirms the cybersecurity company, since with a greater number of gadgets belonging to the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, it is more likely that many of them do not have the minimum standards of protection.

“Smart TVs, door locks, refrigerators, speakers or even secondary devices, such as a fish tank thermometer, can be a weak point in the network,” he highlights in a blog post, which also emphasizes the lack of standards security caused by pirated products.

Within a business environment, Armas mentions that even a smart coffee maker can become a security breach if it does not have a cybersecurity and management system, since it can allow access to other areas and the company suffers from some type of espionage. .

For this reason, he concludes, the bases of protection against the new environments generated by 5G must be established in the networks and their infrastructure in the first place, but also in each of the processes carried out by the consumers of the technology, in addition to requesting that the companies take responsibility for effectively communicating the risks of their smart gadgets.

However, and to protect themselves to a greater extent, users can opt for options such as a Mesh network, which is made up of several access nodes so as not to depend on a single point and to be less vulnerable to possible attacks.

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