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5 cheap gas stoves to save on the electricity bill this winter

5 cheap gas stoves to save on the electricity bill this winter

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The rise in the price of electricity pushes users to look for any way to save on the bill. Using butane gas heating is a good long-term option.

Buying a gas stove is a decision faced by many users, convinced that it is undoubtedly the cheapest option for heating in winter, especially at the current price of electricity.

It is true that, at least in the long term, the butane gas in these catalytic stoves is more efficient, and it is that with a single cylinder you can heat yourself for weeksso depending on the use you give it and the intensity at which you put it, you may save a lot on your bill.

Having said that, What catalytic butane gas stove to buy? There are cheap models, although the demand is so high that in many cases they are completely sold out in stores like Amazon, whose stock is quite scarce at this time of winter.

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Fortunately, there is no shortage of options, although it must be said that the price has increased significantly now that the cost of energy -gas too- has risen quite a bit, or at least it is practically impossible to find any on offer.

We have managed to find five cheap butane gas stoves that you can amortize quickly in the coming months.

  1. Cecotec Ready Warm 4000 Slim Fold
  2. Orbegozo HBF 90
  3. Orbegozo HBF 95
  4. Equation Echo
  5. Tapir 800

ReadyWarm 4000 Slim Fold

This stove will allow us to heat our living room at any time. Its interior allows you to put large butane cylinders that will last us a long time. It has security systems and wheels to move it easily.

This model is one of the cheapest, and it also maintains constant stock in the Cecotec online store, where you can get it for 94 euros right now. One of the cheapest you can get.

It has wheels and is foldable, so its versatility is maximum to move it from one room to another. It has three power modes to maximize the life of your butane cylinder.

Undoubtedly If you are looking for a cheap gas stove, this is the best option for value for money that is available.

Orbegozo HBF 90

This gas stove is compact and ideal for heating rooms of 20-30 square meters. It has the best security systems to prevent leaks.

This brand is well known for having all kinds of appliances, always with very affordable prices regardless of the benefits of each one.

Of the various models it sells, this is the most affordable, although it should be noted that stock comes and goes, so it may be shown as unavailable at times.

For the 105 euros it costs approximately it is a fairly powerful and versatile model, also with wheels and with up to 4200W of power.

Orbegozo HBF 95

Imitation wood ceramic, blue flame and avant-garde security systems to obtain heat at the lowest cost with this adjustable stove.

This is another fairly cheap catalytic gas stove, also with capacity for 10 kg cylinders and with a wood burning fireplace effect.

It is obviously one more step to improve, since in addition to heating the home, which is why its price is somewhat higher than that of the HBF 90 model, going to 189 euroswhich isn’t too bad either.

It is recommended for rooms of approximately 30 square meters, so it is used to heat a living room or a room in eco mode without any problems.

Equation Echo

Equation Echo in Leroy Merlin

This low consumption stove has enough power to heat up to 35 m2 in a few minutes, and it costs 219 euros.

It’s got free shipping, so it’s definitely of the best butane gas stoves from Leroy Merlinwhich also has its stock problems in this category, like almost all stores.

In addition to butane, you can also use propane, which is becoming more and more common.

Tapir 800

dante 8000

Here we take a big leap in terms of price, to a point where it is necessary to clarify that this stove is cheap in its context, if we compare it with other similar models.

It costs 5,091 euros in Bricor (El Corte Ingl├ęs) and it is a fireplace that works with propane or butane gas, completely transforming the room in which you place it.

Obviously, it is not versatile like the previous models, but if you have the space it will make a difference.

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