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ZTE and True Corporation Inaugurate Innovation Center to Drive Digital Transformation in Thailand

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ZTE Corporation, in collaboration with True Corporation, Thailand’s leading telecommunication technology company, has thrown out the True & ZTE Innovation Center at the True Digital Park in Bangkok.

This joint initiative aims to drive digital transformation in Thailand and provide advanced digital solutions to both Thai society and companies.

True & ZTE Innovation Center focuses on technological, entrepreneurial, enterprise digital and business model innovation. Its main objective is to enhance Thailand’s competitiveness in the global digital economy and contribute to the implementation of the country’s digital strategy.

Manat Manavutiveth, CEO of True Corporation Plc, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, noting that “the Innovation Center will play an important role in promoting the digitization process of Thailand and beyond.”

He also highlighted the close collaboration with ZTE to provide cutting-edge digital solutions such as wireless and wired networks, with the aim of supporting regional digitization and creating a reliable business environment.

For his part, Li Zixue, President and CEO of ZTE, stated that Thailand is a key strategic market for them and that they are “proud to be an important partner of True”. He highlighted the importance of this collaboration in developing Thailand’s leading digital network, boosting the country’s digital economy and bringing benefits to Thai citizens.

The Innovation Center will focus on the application of cutting-edge communication technologies such as Reconfigurable Smart Surface (RIS), Grid AI Autonomy, Green and Efficient Networking, Cloud IP and i5GC Portable Industrial Core .

These technologies will be used to provide an efficient and reliable communications infrastructure to Thai businesses, thus meeting the goals of Thailand’s digital strategy.

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The center will also focus on enterprise digital innovation, offering tailored solutions for digital factories, smart manufacturing, smart agriculture, smart logistics, machine vision applications, and front-line operational safety management.

These solutions seek to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve the quality of production, enabling Thai companies to achieve digital transformation and increase their competitiveness in the global market.

In addition, the Innovation Center will focus on the development of smart homes and smart lifestyles. Through the application of AI technologies and innovative solutions, it will seek to offer more comfortable and intelligent experiences for personal and family life.

This includes products such as smartphones, smart wearables, health trackers, glasses-free 3D tablets, WiFi 7 home routers, smart speakers, and smart video surveillance systems. These products will allow users to remotely control devices and appliances in their homes, creating a more comfortable and convenient living environment.

The True & ZTE Innovation Center will also seek to strengthen the local industrial ecosystem by collaborating with industry partners. Innovative products will be showcased, advanced solutions will be demonstrated, new technologies will be tested and digital skills and abilities will be promoted.

With this joint initiative, ZTE and True Corporation are committed to driving Thailand’s digital transformation and fostering an advanced digital environment that benefits both businesses and society at large.

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