Zelensky considers “a global task” to help Ukraine with an eye on reconstruction

Zelensky considers "a global task" to help Ukraine with an eye on reconstruction

June 21 () –

The Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, asked his main international allies on Wednesday for political and economic commitments with which to start working on the reconstruction of the country, alleging that “protecting” and “building” Ukraine is also working for the sake of the “freedom” and therefore should be “a global task”.

London hosts the Conference for the Recovery of Ukraine for two days, in which Zelenski has participated electronically to appeal to investment, growth and confidence. “By building Ukraine, we are building much more than a country. We will build the world that we will have for a whole generation and the next. Will it be peaceful? Will it be stable? Will it be democratic?” he has wondered.

In this sense, he has proposed an investment “based on values”, taking into account that not only “has to do with bricks”, but “life in general” is at stake. “The eyes of the world are watching if we will recover normal life in a way in which our transformation implies an ideological defeat of the aggressor,” said the Ukrainian president, who has claimed the importance of his country on the energy and food fronts. .

He believes that Ukraine can be “the greatest source of economic, industrial and technological growth in Europe for decades”, something that Zelensky has defended before thousands of representatives of governments, civil society groups and companies.

The president has also appealed to the “courage” of his partners to continue offering concrete political support to Ukraine, a country that aspires to join NATO and also the European Union. He wants recognition of what is already a “reality” and, for this, he has warned that NATO’s “moral leadership to protect peace” is only possible with Ukraine within the bloc.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, host of the summit, recalled that “before this terrible war”, investing in Ukraine was “a huge opportunity”. “The truth is that the opportunity is still there and, in fact, the war has only shown how much it has to offer,” he claimed, in an appeal addressed to governments and companies.

Sunak has announced that his government will guarantee 3,000 million dollars in loans from the World Bank, to which will be added a bilateral aid package of 240 million pounds (almost 280 million euros) and a third batch of up to 250 million pounds ( more than 291 million euros) for the public entity that facilitates British investment.

On the other hand, Zelenski has taken advantage of his speech to invite Sunak again to visit kyiv, alleging that they had not seen him “for a while” in Ukraine. The British ‘premier’ has picked up the gauntlet, thanking him for giving him “options for the summer holidays”.

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