Zelensky assures that Ukraine is closer to joining NATO

Zelensky assures that Ukraine is closer to joining NATO


Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky has assured that Ukraine is closer to joining NATO and has thanked Lithuania for its resolve to invite Ukraine to join the alliance during the Vilnius summit next summer.

“Everyone values ​​security and protection against terror. No nation would approve of what the Russian occupation has brought: concentration camps, deportation of children, rape of women, destruction of cities…”, Zelensky declared in a statement. video speech this Saturday, and he does not believe that security in Europe is possible without his country within NATO.

kyiv’s intention to join NATO was one of the reasons Russia has used to justify its invasion.

The Ukrainian president has thanked Poland for sending tanks, vehicles, mortars, missiles and other types of weapons, in addition to a series of agreements to rebuild Ukraine and, above all, the Kharkiv region.

The United States has sent the 35th defense aid package, such as HIMARS missiles, projectiles or vehicle armor, Zelenski has confirmed.

In addition, he has appreciated the financial aid from Germany and the Netherlands, the cooperation between Denmark and Norway to create a joint package of ammunition and the new sanctions adopted by Australia and New Zealand.

Zelenski has also addressed a Latin American parliament, the Chilean one, for the first time this week.

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